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Zunica would like to inspire you to enrich our world successfully with individual, innovative and modern food solutions. We maintain our position in an increasingly globalized market currently with 3 product lines and companies:

Specialty foods from the heart of the Rhodopi Mountains in Bulgaria:

ZunicaSeva Ltd. is a Zunica-owned company producing and exporting specialty food products, representing the original Bulgarian traditions in farming and food craft. Based on old Bulgarian recipes and techniques ZunicaSeva creates products that have remained elusive to the standard approaches and solutions;

Traditional Wines from Bulgaria:

StamenovWine Ltd. was established to preserve and develop the Bulgarian winemaking traditions that go back over a thousand years and to launch traditional Bulgarian wines to the market.

Stamenov Wines are phenomenal both for their quality and value, reflected in our full- bodied, new-oak matured red wines, such as the Mavrud, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Various nuances follow aromas and refined tannins harmonize with the alcohol to form perfect body.

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Synbiotics (Probiotics and Prebiotics):

Zunica Ltd. is developing and commercializing new generation of probiotics, based on lactic acid bacteria isolated from natural sources in Bulgaria. As group of companies we offer a variety of services comprising of manufacturing and trading of Bulgarian probiotics first.

Years of dedicated research and various scientific developments has resulted in a wide technology platform for innovative products with well-documented beneficial health effects. Based on this platform the creation of conceptual new type of products was established, which combined the healthy effects of probiotics and the effects of probiotic functional foods.

The products of Zunica are completely natural, with proven healthy effects, do not contain any preserving agents and are produced according to unique Bulgarian traditional recipes.

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