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A Long Tradition of Quality

Bulgarian food traditions are as ancient as its history, as the land it is standing on. The cuisine reflects the history and geography where Bulgarians have lived as well as incorporating outside influences.

Modern Bulgaria is situated in the lands of ancient Thrace, whose rich nature and developed agriculture is recorded in old Greek and Roman texts. Known around the world for its high quality dairy products, Bulgaria has earned also a reputation as a country of origin of rose oil and delicious wine owes to its climatic characteristics and the culture of its people living in harmony with their natural surroundings.

Bulgaria: A world class food producer

Bulgaria has long been regarded by consumers around the world as a clean and green land, where the essential goodness is captured in the food and the products it produces. The country is endowed with all the right ingredients to create unique food and wine experiences:

Zunica: Tradition and Entrepreneurial Passion

A heir of a long agricultural tradition and a strong entrepreneurial passion for renewal, Zunica seeks to develop products of high quality and acquaint our clients and partners with the nature of our country. From the raw ingredients to the various phase of production, to packaging, all of Zunica brand products carry with them the history, culture and flavors of traditional Bulgarian gastronomy.